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I love fabrics and clothes but really not the catwalk glamour kind.What I love are homemade style and unusual designers who make ageless and comfortable clothes for all types of women. I love antique lace and pretty things like ribbons and other embelishments. Ethnic clothes and all kinds of embroidery interest me and I love to look at piantings for inspiration too.All dress is fancy dress if you like as we are born nude Ha ! Ha!
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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Inspiration from our Holiday in Sanary sur Mer Provence

This June we went to Sanary Sur Mer by Eurostar and TGV,it was a long hall from Truro in Cornwall but it was so worth it!
I enjoyed visiting various places along the coast and we both loved the markets and the fabulous countryside and exquisite towns and hilltop villages.
Sanary is a charming town with an attractive port and  an old town to explore.
There were many small boutiques selling great unusual clothes and I was in my element ferreting about in the racks of brightly coloured dresses ,trousers and scarves.

These patchwork dresses were so colourful and easy to wear in the warm climate.

The colours are so vivid and they need to be in the wonderful Provencal light.

I liked this blue dress.

I bought some linen jackets and a pink spotted frock
and wished I had brought an empty suitcase with me!
The markets at Sanary and Toulon had real bargains.

There were also some lovely fabrics in the markets.I could have spent hours rummaging through the stalls and shops.
I did buy a small length of a provencal print and bargain peice of fabric with sprigs of lavender dotted all over it!
The quilts called Boutis are gorgeous and we also saw some folk costumes when a group of local dancers turned up on the quay.

Traditional Provencal folk costume.

Wonderful Boutis!
We had a great trip on many levels but I really enjoyed the fabrics of Provence.