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I love fabrics and clothes but really not the catwalk glamour kind.What I love are homemade style and unusual designers who make ageless and comfortable clothes for all types of women. I love antique lace and pretty things like ribbons and other embelishments. Ethnic clothes and all kinds of embroidery interest me and I love to look at piantings for inspiration too.All dress is fancy dress if you like as we are born nude Ha ! Ha!
So please if you have any comments ,ideas or favourites let me know,hope you enjoy Sweet Disorder!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Gudrun Sjoden my Colour Heroine

As well as the  beautiful clothes she also designs for the home and is inspired herself by the work of Carl and Karen Larsson  and folkloric inspirations from all over the world.
Here she is with some of her models.
What a romantic hideaway!
Gudrun has been an inspiration  to me for many years now.I look forward to opening her catalogue as soon at it come through the door and my family know that when the latest one comes I  happily rush off to my favourite chair to feast on colour. I also look on her website ! Of all the great designers that I admire she is the most daring with her use of bright and stunning shades. She looks happy in her photgraphs and it shows  that she loves what she creates.Here are some favourites from past and present collections.
This is from the collection inspired by Karin Larsson's textiles.
I love the snow scene and the folkloric outfit.
Embroidery is one of her strengths,gorgeous!
Exquisite work.
Inspired layering.
These clothes are not for throwing away each season they are for treasuring.
Gudrun uses models of all ages , shapes and sizes to show that we can all look colourful!
This is such a beautiful study.
The styles are romantic and easy to wear not like so much throw away fashion that seems to me to be a form of self torture, especially the shoes!!!! These are made for wandering in the woods,along the beach or dreaming round the fire. I love them,hope you like this look at Sweden's most colourfull designer and long may she delight us with her wonderful  creations.

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