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I love fabrics and clothes but really not the catwalk glamour kind.What I love are homemade style and unusual designers who make ageless and comfortable clothes for all types of women. I love antique lace and pretty things like ribbons and other embelishments. Ethnic clothes and all kinds of embroidery interest me and I love to look at piantings for inspiration too.All dress is fancy dress if you like as we are born nude Ha ! Ha!
So please if you have any comments ,ideas or favourites let me know,hope you enjoy Sweet Disorder!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Folkloric dress

These delightful tops come from Russia.
This a painting by Natasha Malashevich a Russian painter.
This as a vintage Czech dress it brings to mind early Laura Ashley!
More from the Czech Republic,a dance costume ,the bolero has great embroidery and the woman's costume is bursting with colour!
This is from Denmark and I would love to wear it!
These colourful women are Gugerati.The intricacy of  the mirrorwork and embroidery is wonderful.
How handsome these young men from Georgia look in traditional dress!
Think I like the one on the far right myself!
This is a traditional Norwegian outfit and I would love to try it on too!The detail on the sleeves and cuffs  I love.
What a masterpiece this is!
A tunic from Ukraine.
These are only a few of the marvellous Folkloric clothes that I have been looking at recently . What I love about this kind of dress is the amazingly skillful work, stitches, embroidery and design that ordinary people have created. They are inspiring to me  and I am sure to other dressmakers and designers.I like fashion but this makes me realize that before huge fashion houses and consumerism in clothing took hold beautiful ,decourative and practical garments have always been created!
They are works of art and womens art at that because I think that women probably did the designing and the needlework,hope you like them!

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