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I love fabrics and clothes but really not the catwalk glamour kind.What I love are homemade style and unusual designers who make ageless and comfortable clothes for all types of women. I love antique lace and pretty things like ribbons and other embelishments. Ethnic clothes and all kinds of embroidery interest me and I love to look at piantings for inspiration too.All dress is fancy dress if you like as we are born nude Ha ! Ha!
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Monday, 19 September 2016

Season of Mists

Season of Mists!

Time to freshen up the wardrobe for Autumn,I love the colour and the feeling of peace that comes after the mad August  blousyness.

Autumn comes in through the door and we get our woolies out again.Do we need new socks and tights ?

Lets have a look at some ideas for seasonal outfits that will make the already glorious time of year even more so.
Just the hat for strolls in the woodland under the falling leaves with a gorgeous companion.
To keep the chillier breezes off your neck?
This skirt would be ideal and if you are any good with sewing machine quite easy to copy.I have been busy for a bit and have made two warm skirts
This is a really easy idea for making in fact I made one just like it last year and the underskirt makes it special.
I lke the idea of this eye catching Autumnal flower .

Cosy and lovely subtle colours.
As the winter approaches and the leaves fall the warm rustic hues come into their own and a sense of cosyness HYGGE as the Danes say.
When I see this how I wish was a knitter it is so delicate!
Imagine this with the delightful hat!
Love this so much,I am going to try to make one! Does anyone know where to get artificial flowers like this?
So easy to make and look great under skirts to add a bit of warmth.

Layering seems to be the most practical thing in Autumn when the weather can be warm one minute and chilly the next!

Essential warm trousers!
This is from a Russian fashion house and I really love the use of the belt.
Wondereful reds, greens and browns

These are so classic.
Another easy look to put together either by sewing it youself or raiding Charity Shops and recycling.
This is really flattering and looks cosy.
I would love to trot around Truro wearing all thes layers!

Well that was fun .I hope this gives everyone some ideas for Autumn clothes ,enjoy the vibrant colours of the season and bask in the glow of the first lighting of the wood stove as the time for hibernation approaches !

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