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I love fabrics and clothes but really not the catwalk glamour kind.What I love are homemade style and unusual designers who make ageless and comfortable clothes for all types of women. I love antique lace and pretty things like ribbons and other embelishments. Ethnic clothes and all kinds of embroidery interest me and I love to look at piantings for inspiration too.All dress is fancy dress if you like as we are born nude Ha ! Ha!
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Monday, 8 October 2012

Nostalgia and Inspiration.

I love clothes from the past and find  inspiration for sewing from paintings and pictures.
I have had this book for many years and before me it was in my Granny's house,then Mum put it away until we found it again and it has come to me.
The illustrations are charming .
Fun on the beach in these fetching little numbers!
I would love to have that sleeping suit,it even has a pocket!!
These are really lovely especially the pinafore slip with the applique.
The hat is cute too!
Love it!
Just the hat for strollng in this pretty garden,what a nice word strolling is ,we should do more of it!
What secret love letters could be tucked into this pretty bag to read again in the peace of the garden.
I like the flowered belt! 
Back inside to do a spot of sewing before tea. 
Dainty insert.
Or if you had the odd twenty minutes run up this blouse.
Or this?
The childrens clothes are sweet especially the floral hat.
Perhaps a timely warning!
Not to get so into hobbies that you neglect your womanly duties!
Lovely clothes but I would not want to have to go back to the social mores of the period.
Elaine ,my blog friend could probably wear some of these when she is tending her lovely garden.
How about it Elaine? 
This is a sweet book ,gentle, practical and from a lost world however there are some inspiring ideas for fashion today. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I like browsing this old book.

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